Saturday, March 29, 2008

From My Atlanta Friend About His Pet

My pet was planning on going to a Scamp Camp up near Chattanooga this week end but the weatherman predicted rain so he did not go. Been sunny so far all day so I guess he will miss a good campout and meeting other Scampers. Darn weathermen.

The pet and a friend went up to Redtop Mountain State Park on Lake Altoona last weekend and had a good time. He hope to get in a lot of camping this year. Maybe I can go along sometines.

He got his new camera yesterday and I think he will like it if he ever learns how to use it. The instruction manual is over 200 pages long, and yeah, you know he is looking forward to reading that. He probably should have gotten one of those disposable $7 jobs at Walmart and been done with it. But once he masters the new one it should be fun.
Maybe he can send you a photo of me.

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