Saturday, March 22, 2008


Name Lucky Boy/ AKA Big Pimping
DOB Fall 2006
Favorite Song: Rambling Man/ Allman Brothers
Hobbies/Pastimes: Sleeping, eating, ramblin'

General info: Lucky is a lady's dog. He isn't really a "man's man" but all the male dogs want to be him. He is a "good boy" but knows how to live "right on the edge." Lucky loves to sleep in his warm. soft bed at night but knows he can sleep when he's old, so he never turns down a party when he hears one going on at night. Just about nightly, when the local coyotes start partying Lucky hears all the "goings on" and can't stand it. I've had a talk with him about the old adage of changing your luck, but Lucky ain't hearing it. He's got to be let out just about every night. I suppose he gets turned down though because he's usually back within the hour. But a dog only lives once and I'm not going to make him gay (like his cousin) and everyone knows who I'm talking about

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