Monday, March 17, 2008


This is Roscoe. He is 3 years old in byped terms. I guess you could say we have a May-September arrangement. Roscoe's mom was a Lab but no idea about his dad. He has an obnoxious amount of energy and loves it when the biped tosses a small round object he can run after. He prefers that to physical contact. What bipeds call petting. I love to play mind games with him. For instance he buried a faux bone thingy in some straw in the dog house and for a couple of days I would not let him back in to get it.
He has sort of a tragic background. His mother had her litter under a vacant house nearby. When her biped found out where she was he loaded her and all the pups he could find into a truck and carried them to the Humane Society. Missed Roscoe who stayed there by himself for 10 days. So he is one tough dog.
One thing I cannot understand about him is that he loves water. The closest I will get to water is in a small container to drink. Our biped got him a small pool and the highlight of his day is to run jump in that pool of water. I guess it takes all kinds.

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