Monday, April 21, 2008

The female came into my bedroom this morning at an unGodly hour before the birds were even up, was laughing and woke me up right before a bright light flashed in my eyes. I barely had time to sit up and look alert. I then discover that she has put my image on the blog. I do believe she was trying to make an image of my "big pimping" posture while I sleep. I'll show her; she'll never catch it again. The next image is my neighbor, Rudy. I tolerate her but the male and female don't like her at all. She loves to use their yard as her toilet. I return the favor at the place that she stays. Rudy really has quite the attitude, she thinks she actually owns the entire hilltop where we all eat & rest. She never snarls or growls, she just struts and cuts her eyes over to the side and looks at you. I find it quite attractive, although she is much too large for me to court. The small, wiry coyotes are much more to my liking. Rudy is what some would call a "big boned gal". I believe Roscoe would find her to be "fire" as the young hairless ones say. I'll bet her and Babe wouldn't get along.

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