Saturday, April 12, 2008

From Lucky

Help me choose a picture. I am going to open a My space and a Facebook account. The male & female pets that I share my place to rest with don't know what I do on the computer while they're out doing whatever it is they do. I wonder if they have some type of bark alarm like we do that signals when a party is nearby? I find it interesting that the male and female rarely leave together; maybe they don't like to party together? Anyway, I overheard the female stating that she won't be going to "work" next week so that may hamper my time available to get on the computer and open my accounts. Work........wonder what that involves? Female seems to be in quite the rush most days of the week when the sun is barely above the horizon to get to this place called "work". She arrives back at the place we rest a good while later in the day and doesn't have much verbal communication with myself or the male after that time of the day. It's always nice when she doesn't verbally communicate :) Male is in and out a good portion of the day, His schedule is very unpredictable but he doesn't bother me nearly as much as the female. He's not near as demanding either. He will overlook when I'm on the couch and pretends not to see me. Opps, female is nearby I've got to go. PS let me know which picture is the most flattering and will get My Space buzzing.

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