Saturday, April 26, 2008

From Lucky

Doesn't she know I can pee on her carpet!!

The other picture if of my stupid next door neighbor. You know how Seinfeld says "Newman"? Well, that is the way everyone says "Jaycee" s name A very high strung, obnoxious dog she is. Has a very high pitched, nervous bark which she uses frequently. She also tries to "herd" everything that moves, from particles of dust to mosquitos. All the while barking in the high pitched, nervous, @#$chy pitch that she uses. Even being the manly pimp that I am I wouldn't court her if she was the last female on the planet. She cannot sit still for a moment, as observed by the blurry picture that I made. She actually was "sent off" for a short while. The hairless ones that she stays with were never quite clear about where she went. Nobody really cared enough to press for accurate details; we just knew it was much more peaceful on the hilltop. Any way, she returned after about 3 nice months, hyperactive and irritating as usual. Right back to her old ways, chasing every car that moves up and down the trail on the hilltop. Every time Jaycee begins to herd the cars while they travel on the trail we all have to join in with her, we are not near as quick as she and are actually putting ourselves in great danger but letting the female herd by herself makes all the rest of us appear as though we aren't doing our job so she forces our hand. I really wish someone would need her services elsewhere. She wears the rest of us out trying to show us up. I wish she would follow me to a coyote party; it might calm her down and do her good. She is so type A however that she won't leave the hilltop after dark even for a good party. Which by the way, I have been to several the last few nights, I'll tell you about those at another time. Hence, the reason the hairless female got my picture this morning; I was sleeping too deeply to care

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