Monday, April 14, 2008

Lucky About His Pets

The other adult female and the short, loud blonde pets came to visit last night. The gentle, quiet, tall dark haired female who lives with them didn't come with them this time. She doesn't come with them sometimes They have plenty of food available and she does seem too young to care for a mate so I can't figure out why she isn't with her clan unit a great deal of the time. Anyway, they don't seem to be concerned so I'm not going to worry about it and she always shows back up. Maybe she is just the wandering type. The short blonde made a great deal of noise and entertained the older male & female as usual. She is three years old in pet years. Sometimes she can provoke the male to make loud, nasally sounding screams, usually making her squirt water out of her eyes and make quite the howl to go along with it. He always pets her and makes quite the scene afterwards and everything is fine, but her being here always makes me nervous. Occasionally I hear the adult male make those same noises toward the adult female that we share our place to eat and rest with. The adult female doesn't squirt water from her eyes when he does however, she usually uses vocabulary in response that I don't hear often enough to understand and has a look in her eyes that makes me think she is going to bite. Sometimes that is all that happens but it if escalates the female gets into her machine and leaves Afterwards the male always plays his box that he sits in front of that has moving pictures on it very loud until she gets back. I can always tell how serious things are between them by whether or not he turns the box off when she arrives back at the place. It he continues to play it loud the female continues to use the vocabulary that I don't understand but thankfully he doesn't hear her over the box. Most of the time they share this place in a quite companionable spirit; them being here together doesn't make me nervous like when the short blonde visits, but when the male gets that nasal tone I do make myself scarce. I hear the female nosing around; must get off the computer

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