Monday, April 7, 2008

From Lucky. Lucky's Profile Can Be Viewed On A March 22 Blog

I’m being punished for something. My female biped is mentally off balance and I never know what to expect from her. She went into the place that has water coming from a spout and ordered me inside. She’s done it before and I knew what she had planned so I rolled onto my back and showed her my stuff, hoping she would realize that I was boss and couldn’t be ordered around. She wasn’t impressed; literally she picked me up, totally disregarding my “big pimping” posture and held me under the waterspout, all the while pouring soap on me and lathering my impressive smelling coat. I tried to escape several times but she continued the torture; I really don’t know what I have done and it was such a cruel ordeal. She had no sympathy, she is truly a cold #$%. I would run away if the food and lodging was not so good. How I wish I could communicate so that I could tell the male biped. I know he wouldn’t allow it. After the ritual abuse was complete I laid in front of the male and looked pitiful; however I never could get any sympathy. I don’t know why he shares his castle with that female, we would be just fine without her! Surely he could smell the torturous odor that was coming from my coat I believe Female biped wants me to be unpopular with the coyotes! I continually hear her discussing something with the male about my luck changing, I so wish she would butt out and treat me like the kingly “big pimp” that I am.

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