Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Pet Finally Does What She Should

I had been complaining to Ann about how I had not seen about my SS class president. She suggested that I get some flowers and go see her and never mention that I had neglected her and I did. Bless her heart, the woman was so grateful.

I mentioned that for a long time Denise would scramble around in front of me to make sure there was nothing I could stumble over so she would not have to go through that again. =) Janie’s daughter was there working in the yard and she laughed as if to say I understand that. I thought darlin this is just day one for you. I think there is just the one daughter.

She was cleaning out the flower bed. I thought that was above the call of duty. Janie’s son died in Dallas last year, she had knee replacement surgery and a heart attack last fall. Still can laugh.

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