Wednesday, April 2, 2008

From One Of My Favorite Pets

Me and one of my friends, Jane, were going to Phephe's to get some makeup when we saw someone almost committ suicide. I was on Uncle Pen rd. and i didnt even think to turn by Trinity and i just keep on going.. Telling Jane stuff about how I use to go to Trinity and all. When I almost got to the 4 way stop there was an ambulance and a firetruck and some police at this house and they were all staring at the woods and something in a tree caught my eye. I realized before i passed the house it was a man. There was a man shirtless in one of the tallest trees around just sitting up there all slumped over. (Still not even realizing I had passed Phephe's road) So we turned around in someones driveway, and drove back. We didnt get what was going on. but finally we figured out he was about to committ suicide. Then I remembered I had passed Phephes road so i had to go back by the house and there was a man that had climbed in the tree apparently trying to talk the man out of it. So hopefully he did and everything is okay with the man.

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