Friday, April 18, 2008

From Tom

I am absolutely about to give up on that woman I share a place with. First of all I go to the trouble to chase down this creature that hop, hop, hops around and carry it to her and she is not home. Gone for several days with no warning. Left my food and water out on the porch again. Every once in a while a neighbor comes out and calls my name but I have nothing to do with her. Who does she think she is? Then the lady and precious dark haired girl and little blond girl show up. The lady is a strange pink/red color. I am so excited (although I dare not show it) that I chase down another hop, hop, hoppy thing for her and she starts shrieking at me to let it go. Go figure.
Father has been away for a while and is supposed to return tomorrow. About time we had another male figure around here. They are getting to be way too much for me.

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